Relocating out of Durham NC? Here’s What You Need to Remember as a Homeowner!

Relocating out of North Carolina can be tough if this is the first question on your mind, and you’re a little clueless about how to proceed next. Before you start looking at the next cash home buyer you can contact out of Durham, NC, you need a methodical step-by-step to-do list on how to move in an easy and comfortable fashion for you and/or your whole family.

Read on to discover the tips we compiled below:

Sort out your possessions

This can be the most difficult part of moving, but it’s actually why you need to get it done sooner rather than later! Sorting out your belongings can be difficult especially if you’re emotionally attached to a lot of them, but think of it this way: you are moving onto a whole new life, and some parts of the past need to be left behind.

Divide your boxes into “To Keep,” “Won’t Keep,” and “Willing to Give Away.” This will help you decide more quickly!

Make a checklist before moving

If you think one simple checklist is all you need for moving, think again! Moving isn’t a process that can be attended to in just a few days, so it’s crucial to make a separate checklist for each phase of your moving process.

What phases are we looking at? We suggest you make separate checklists for 8 weeks, 4 weeks, 2 weeks, and a week before your move. Remember that certain tasks cannot overlap or else you’ll be left with so much to do just one week before your actual move.

Get your old home inspected

Home inspectors are excellent people to contact before a big move, especially if you plan to sell your home or have someone else live in it for the time being! They’re essentially professionals who can help appraise your home and also be on the lookout for any issues that you might need to have repaired, or at the very least, disclosed to your next buyer.

While looking for a home inspector, make sure they’re okay with you overseeing their inspection to make sure that all nooks and crannies are attended to. You’re paying them to be pretty thorough, after all!

A moving budget should be in order

Unless you have virtually unlimited finances, a moving budget is essential so you won’t feel overwhelmed by costs throughout your moving period.

This means making sure that you understand how much you will need to pay moving vans and other services you might need, such as a home inspector and/or a repair service. Remember to list down optional costs, too! You don’t want to decide that you need them last minute while realizing that the services you’re looking at are beyond your budget after all. A general rule of thumb while moving is that you need to be able to comfortably move with your budget and most needed belongings intact. If this isn’t true for you yet, it’s time to reassess.

Make sure your old home is priced correctly

Nothing turns off a potential buyer more than seeing a home that’s priced so exorbitantly. They definitely won’t be interested, and this is the easiest way to lose potential buyers to your competition.

With the aid of a home inspector or real estate agent, decide upon the listing price of your home based on the following factors:

  • Location
  • Average listing price in the area
  • Any issues you need to disclose

A fairly priced home is a home that can easily be sold!

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